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Also, das alles fing an, als ich im Mädchenpensionat in der Schweiz war, aber dann Daddy wieder einmal beim Pokern verlor …
Lies die ganze Geschichte!
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Oily Double Entry (16 min. 37 sec. )
Rated: 5.00

I got rather carried away with a bottle of baby oil, outdoors. I poured it everywhere, my tits were drenched and my legs were as slippery as an eel. It would have been fun if you had been here, to wrestle me to the floor, you'd have to get a good grip before I slipped out of your grasp. I made good use of my glass wand which slid in and out of not one but two entrances! i hope you enjoy the show. Ps, don't forget to log into Freeones and vote for me!
Sauna Magic Wand (185 Images)
Rated: 5.00

I start of with a few flip cards for my Miss FreeOnes attempt before I get down to the serious business of making myself come. Come and see the close up photography of me pounding my pussy!
Ready To Ride (198 Images)
Rated: 5.00

These photos do have an accompanying video. The film footage is a rare glimpse inside my world as I show you around the grounds of my home detailing my Country pursuits, it is candid footage of 'out and about with Mistress Hybrid'. It is an intimate video diary where I share my thoughts, plans and dirty little secrets with you. I show you all my secret outdoor locations to which I lure unsuspecting, over eager men (and film their lilly white arses in action).
I thought this video was fun, as we have already spent a lot of time together, in my bedroom, spa, sauna, stables, dungeon and numerous hotel rooms, with me in very compromising positions and things stuck in all my delicate places! This is a chance for you to get know me a little better, outside of the bedroom. Obviously, I can't ride a horse with these boots on but I love to dress like this to meet guests and interview would be slaves. Hell, I even wore this outfit in Miami, when I collected my awards in the Miss Freeones competition (which gets going again in September). If I ever visited Miami again, I'd lose the jodhpurs and keep the thigh boots and riding jacket on. It was rather hot.
The heels are great for digging into uninvited hardons, while fitting the leather and steel cock rings on to maintain chastity.
Miss Hybrid
A Rarity (172 Images)
Rated: 5.00

I don't often wear panties, they tend to get in the way of easy access. What do you think of these ones. I wear them with a very rare pair of vintage stockings, with an unusual fastening. They really are rather cracking! Maybe you would like to make a close inspection?
A Leather Booted Tour Of The Grounds (208 Images)
Rated: 4.89

I thought I would give you a quick tour, starting with my courtyard, then down to the tank and orchard. If this is popular I will continue this around the garden, house and maybe the woods. I tweeted some photos live #MissHybridLive , while I was taking them earlier this week. I hope you enjoy the way my tits bounce about as I walk. You can see how excited I was from the erect state of my nipples. I could not resist peeing on my camerman from the wall. The video will be coming over the weekend. EDIT, the video is now up!

Jodhpur Pee
5 min. 22 sec.

Easy Rider Jodhpurs. Easy Access And Gloved Squirt
6 min. 15 sec.

Talking your cock to a huge erection which explodes
7 min. 23 sec.

Room Service A Threesome with the Maid
21 min. 57 sec.

Leggy maid gets stuck in
150 Images

Mummy and Penny
26 Images

Maid Lucy Stick On
110 Images

How much was that ball cock?
19 Images

Dungeon Leather
105 Images

Tony Erotica
130 Images

Latex Stairs
114 Images

Leopard Boots
174 Images

A quick smoke before a hard ride
55 Images

Ball Draining HandJob
104 Images

Black Duck Doubly Loaded
73 Images

Paige Hybrid Crop
13 min. 18 sec.

Chaining Instruction

Corset Pee
17 min. 46 sec.

Gloved vibrations
126 Images

Back To School For A Handjob Lesson
254 Images

Pantyhose Foot Fun Handyman Huge Cock Cum
13 min. 57 sec.

Maid Michelle Creampie By The Driver
17 min. 27 sec.

Creamy Outdoor Wank Video
10 min. 54 sec.

Arched Feet Pantyhose Tease
104 Images

Sybian Sensory
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Beekeeper Surprise Fuck
29 min. 6 sec.

Vintage Code Cracker
16 min. 23 sec.

Guaranteed Fuck
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Fireside toy fun in a crotchless fishnet bodystocking.
18 min. 50 sec.

Gym Sybian Tart 2
11 min. 57 sec.

Strong Santa had two sacks full of surprises for me
18 min. 2 sec.

Hard Workout In The Gym
211 Images

Perfect For Accidental Stocking Flashing, Hybrid Style
165 Images

Testing Out My Tailhook
23 min. 29 sec.

Beach Wicked Weasel
161 Images

See Why I Got An A Star At Finishing School
11 min. 58 sec.

Stable Hand Gets Used
18 min. 20 sec.

Making a Fresh Tart!
148 Images

Snow Shooting
126 Images

Tanya gets fucked in the stable
20 min. 15 sec.

CFNM handjob, teased with fleshlight pussy and squirting
156 Images

I fingered my arse while I teased his poor cock
11 min. 51 sec.

Miss Hybrid In Jodhpurs, Looking For A Slave
143 Images

Bullet Bra Stockings 2
46 Images

Office Smoke
9 min. 4 sec.

Back To School For A Handjob Lesson
14 min. 42 sec.

Caged in my bedroom and ready for use by his cruel Mistress
146 Images

Corporate Entertainment For Stressed Business Executives
107 Images

boss milf miss hybrid jodhpurs equestrian

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18 September 2014:
I got rather carried away with a bottle of baby oil, outdoors. I poured it everywhere, my tits were drenched and my legs were as slippery as an eel. Click here to see It would have been fun if you had been here, to wrestle me to the floor, you'd have to get a good grip before I slipped out of your grasp. I made good use of my glass wand which slid in and out of not one but two entrances!
Miss Hybrid
14 September 2014:
I would like to thank everyone for their continued daily thrusting in the Miss FreeOnes contest. Your daily voting has held me up in 2'nd place, with some time in 1st. We have just been first again and this is up against a network with millions of twitter followers. We have already won the first round can we managed to do it again for round 2
The voting is done on the individual model page, mine is HERE
13 September 2014:
Latest update, hot off the press , Oiled and revved up What happens when a bottle of baby oil meets Miss Hybrid? Her big tits, bubble butt cheeks and pierced pussy get a good coating. In fact it is so slippy everywhere down there, that the glass toy gets stuck in deep, exploring both entrances. Click here to see Miss Hybrid
11 September 2014:
WE WON ROUND 1.......Thank you to everyone who helped me win the first round of Miss Freeoens. Your fantastic support helped me cause a huge upset. Last place 5yrs ago to 1st place this year.
There are two rounds to go and I still need your vote everyday.
Miss Hybrid
public school
Ich bin eine verwöhnte, auf dem Internat erzogene englische Lady. Zugleich bin ich ein versautes, perverses Luder, das Spaß daran hat, sich ohne Anstand aufzuführen. Keine Gelegenheit lasse ich mir entgehen. Was mein Leben bestimmt, sind Schwänze und abartige Spielchen. Ich ziehe gern aufreizende Klamotten an: ich trage Nylonstrümpfe, hochhackige Schuhe, Stiefel, Leder, Latex und Reithosen. Es macht mir Spaß, auf dem Land auf die Jagd zu gehen, weil die Jagden hervorragend dazu geeignet sind, immer wieder neues Spielzeug zu entdecken.

Mein Mann, Lord B, ist schon sehr alt und klapprig und bringt es nicht mehr im Bett. Doch geilt er sich an meinem unanständigen Verhalten auf. Mit Freude will er in allen anschaulichen Einzelheiten hören, was ich jeden Tag treibe. Sein Lieblingsszenario besteht darin, dass ich mich an seine besten Freunde ranmache. So gern sieht er dabei zu, wie ich mit einem flüchtigen Kuss auf die Wange beginne, um schließlich ihren Schwanz bis zum Anschlag in meiner Kehle zu spüren. Normalerweise brauche ich ihnen nur zu sagen, dass er nicht zuhause ist, und Ruck-Zuck bin ich am Ziel. Später „kommt er heim“ und sieht zu, wie sie harmlos mit mir flirten, wohl wissend, dass sie gerade eben noch auf und in mir abgespritzt haben. Ich mache unumschränkten Gebrauch von sämtlichen Hausangestellten und von jedem anderen, auf den ich gerade Lust habe.

Los, komm rein und sieh dir all die intimen sexuellen Ausschweifungen an, an denen ich Spaß habe. Ich liebe die Abwechslung in meinem Sexleben und gehe mit Freude auf die fetischistische Jagd nach Vergnügen. Tritt ein in MEINE Welt, jetzt gleich! Mein persönlicher Assistent, Felix der Wurm, ist ein echter Perversling, der mir nachspioniert mit versteckten Geheimkameras und der Schnappschüsse von mir macht, um seine sexuelle Befriedigung zu steigern. Mit dieser Sammlung von heimlich aufgenommenen Bildern hat er eine neue Webseite aufgebaut, um sein schäbiges Werk zu präsentieren. Das Material beleuchtet schlaglichtartig einige meiner persönlicheren Momente sexueller Entartung in meiner englischen Villa.
felix the worm

Tritt meiner Seite bei und erhalte uneingeschränkten, freien Zugang zu weiteren Seiten in meinem Netzwerk!
Felix The Worm Hybrids Hotties Cum Empire  
The Art Of Heraldic Knights Busy Assholes
Willkommen im Alltag in meinem Herrenhaus, wo das gesamte Dienstpersonal aus Perversen besteht. Das war die einzige erforderliche Eigenschaft, um den Job zu bekommen. Beobachte das abartige Treiben Woche für Woche! Ich erforsche gern die Absichten und Wünsche, die zum Ficken führen. Der Fickakt um seiner selbst willen langweilt mich. Dagegen mag ich den Kitzel, richtig versaut zu sein, und ich bin allzeit bereit: ratsch! die Strumpfhose aufgerissen und den Schlüpfer runter oder zur Seite gezerrt. Meine Fachkenntnisse umfassen Schwanzlutschen, Tittenfick, einen Runterholen mit der Hand, Wichsen mit den Füßen sowei Dominanz über Männer. Komm rein und sieh, wie eine vollbusige, verwöhnte, junge englische Lady in geile Erregung gerät, wenn ich versuche herauszufinden, wie ich mich selbst und andere auf der Jagd nach perversem sexuellem Vergnügen befriedigen kann. Sieh dir meine erotischsten und intimsten Eskapaden an, JETZT GLEICH!
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